Halfmile’s PCT App is on 10,631 Smartphones

An Android phone running Halfmile's PCT app.

An Android phone running Halfmile’s PCT app.

We know a lot of hikers are using our Pacific Crest Trail app but the numbers are even surprising us.

Halfmile’s PCT app is starting it’s fourth hiking season installed on more than 10,631 smartphones and we expect the numbers of hikers using the app to grow over the next few months.

About two weeks ago Halfmile’s PCT app was updated for the 2015 hiking season and this gives us an opportunity to see how many times the app was recently updated and count how many smartphones it is currently installed on. Most smartphones update apps automatically when they have an internet connection.

Halfmile’s PCT app is available free for both Apple iPhone and Google Android phones. Apple and Google report statistics somewhat differently, but here is what we know as of March 31st:

  • The iPhone version of the app was updated 5,620 times in the past two weeks.
  • The Android version of the app is reported by Google to currently have 5,011 active installs.

Google provides more information than Apple about things such as the model of phone, Android OS version, and cell phone company used. We found the cell phone company information especially interesting. Here are the cell phone companies of our 5,011 Android phone users:

Verizon 40%
AT&T 16%
T-Mobile 10%
Sprint 8%
US Cellular 1%
Virgin Mobile 1%
Aio 1%
TELUS Mobility 1%
Other 22%

A minor revision to the Halfmile app is being released to address stability issues and correct a few of the waypoint descriptions. The Android update is available now, the iPhone update should be approved by Apple in about a week. We encourage hikers to always update to the latest version of the app.