What’s New on PCTMap.net

2/24/20– Updated Halfmile Trail Notes to include National Geographic PCT map booklet page numbers, added GPS data file optimized by sobo hiker Richard Humphreys for Garmin GPSMAP64 GPS.
1/31/20– Fixed issue with Halfmile Trail Notes for Oregon/Washington. Updated Oregon/Washington notes for 2020 are available now.
1/30/20– Updated Halfmile Trail Notes for 2020.
1/5/20 — Added links to PCT Elevation Profiles on the Trail Notes webpage after requests from several hikes. These are the elevation profile pages from the old Halfmile Pacific Crest Trail maps.
1/1/20 — PCTMap.net web hosting moved from wpengine.com to wordpress.com; links to PDF maps removed following the release of National Geographic PCT map booklets; several PCTMap.net pages removed; wordpress sidebar widgets changed.

2/10/19 — Minor updates to the following map pages:
OR Map Page D10 — Deer Creek Trail waypoint name & description corrected. It’s Deer Creek not Deep Creek.
OR Map Page F8 — Updated PCT centerline to include two small trail reroutes at mile 2034.7 & 2035.3.
OR Map Page F9 — Updated PCT centerline to include small trail reroute at mile 2038.2.
WA Map Page H11 — Added Trout Lake town info url https://troutlakewashington.com/pacific-crest-trail-hiker-information.
WA Map Page J6 — Corrected name of Pieper Pass (it’s not Piper).
WA Map Page J8 — Stevens Pass, added info about rustic Stevens Lodge [about 3/10 mi W of PCT], run by the Mountaineers [a 100 year old nonprofit outdoor community], is open to PCT thru-hikers in the fall [www.mountaineers.org/locations-lodges/stevens-lodge]. In 2018, $30 per night for bunk, dinner, & breakfast.
2/8/19 — Updated Halfmile Trail Notes, now with both northbound & southbound trail mileages. Minor updates the following California map pages:
CA Map pages A13 & B1 — Updated info about Warner Springs Community Resource Center.
CA Map page B8 — Removed information about the old Mountain Fire trail closure.
CA Map Section B Spitler to Idyllwild Alternate map page P1: Updated to note that a fire closure from the 2018 Cranston Fire does not close the PCT, but may impact the Spitler to Idyllwild Alternate.
CA Map page G6 — Updated to include info about Grumpy Bears Retreat & Triple Crown Outfitter.
CA Map pages G16 & H1— Added info about new camping restrictions in Mt Whitney area. PCT long-distance permit holders are NOT allowed to camp east of the Crabtree Ranger Station – that includes no camping at Guitar Lake or on Mt Whitney. PCT long-distance permit holders are allowed to day hike from the PCT to the summit of Mt. Whitney and back to the PCT.
CA Map page K9 — Added info about Donner Ski Ranch & Donner Summit Resupply [pika.camp/dsr; 530-303-7452] a package delivery service.
CA Map page P5 — Updated to note the Parks Creek Trailhead now has a toilet nearby.
4/17/18 — Notice to Hikers: Halfmile Smartphone Apps Will Not Be Updated For 2018 blog post published.
4/12/18 — Added versions of Halfmile Trail Notes for Northern California and Oregon/Washington that include both 2015 and 2018 mileages. Added Halfmile Trail Notes in Excel format.
2/20/18 — PCT Overview Maps have been updated with 2018 mileages.
2/11/18 — Updated California Sections A, C, D, F, G, K, N, P, and R maps; Oregon Section B maps; Washington Sections H, J, K, and L maps by adding a blank page to the end of each .PDF file. This is to fix an issue with PDF files containing an odd number of pages, where some printers using the collate function, would print the first page of a map section on the back page of the previous section.
2/2/18 — Updated all map pages by manually rotating landscape pages. This should preventing upside down printing of some pages with some printer drivers when doing Duplex (Two-Sided) printing. Mobile PDF files for smartphone viewing have not been rotated.
2/1/18 — Halfmile GPS files updated for all sections of the PCT
2/1/18 — Halfmile Google Earth file updated for all sections of the PCT
2/1/18 — Corrected California Section M maps, fixed issue where halfmile waypoints were not showing in the Sierra Buttes reroute, on pages 1 & 2, miles 1203.5 – 1210.
1/31/18 — Updated Halfmile Trail Notes for 2018
1/31/18 — Updated Washington Maps, Section H – L (Cascade Locks to Manning Park, BC)
1/31/18 — Updated Oregon Maps, Section B – G (Ashland to Cascade Locks)
1/30/18 — Updated California Maps, Sections A – R (Campo, CA to Ashland, OR)

3/19/17 — Updated Halfmile Southern and Northern CA Trail Notes, added notes about some of the difficult Sierra fords, corrected name of Kerrick Creek at mile 979.8.
2/6/17 — Updated CA Section J p10 to remove Lake of the Sky Outfitter.
2/6/17 — Updated trail notes to fix typos, note that camping is not permitted in the 2015 Lake Fire burn zone [about mile 237.5 – 241.5], note that Lake of the Sky Outfitters has closed, fix export issue which prevented some waypoints from appearing in trail notes.
1/30/17 — Updated CA Section M p11, Halfmile Norther CA Trail Notes, corrected WA1277, trail sign identifies WA1277 as Brecken Fern Spring (not Grouse Spring).
1/4/17 — Updated WA Section H p11, Halfmile’s OR/WA Notes, corrected description of RD2221, it’s Paved Forest Road 88 at Grand Meadows Trailhead (not Road 68).
1/3/17 — Updated Halfmile’s Resupply PCT Resupply Notes to remove trail angels Ziggy and the Bear. They have closed.
12/28/16 — Updated CA Sec B p11, CA Sec C p1, and Halfmile’s Southern CA trail notes to remove trail angels Ziggy and the Bear. They have closed.
12/17/16 — Updated Halfmile’s Trail Notes for Southern California and North California with 1983 winter transit memorial stone, Lassen National Park bear canister requirement, and Lassen National Park camping restrictions.
12/17/16 — Updated CA Section D p3 with the location of the 1983 winter transit memorial stone, at the base of two “V” trees facing away from the trail. Jodi Zaitchick and Jerry Duran died in a December 1983 fall 363 miles into the first known winter thru-hike attempt.
12/17/16 — Updated CA Section N p9, p10, p12 added note about new Lassen NP bear canister requirement, added note about Lassen NP camping restrictions from miles 1346 – 1350.
12/01/16 — Updated Halfmile’s Trail Notes for 2017.
12/01/16 — Updated CA Section A p1, p13; CA Section B p1, p5; CA Section E p13; CA Section N p19; CA Section P p13; OR Section B p5; OR Section D p6; WA Section H p2, p6, p8, p10, p11, p13; WA Section I p1, p14; WA Section J p1, p4; WA Section K p1, p16; WA Section L p1. See this post for details.

03/28/16 — Updated CA Section N maps to use correct elevation profile pages.
03/21/16 — Updated Halfmile Resupply Notes, OR/WA Notes, WA Sec J page 8, and WA Sec K page 1 with Stephens Pass Resupply information.
03/17/16 — Fixed issue with pctmap.net website that prevented “Open In…” option from appearing in IOS Safari when downloading .GPX files from the GPS Smartphone Data page
03/17/16 — Updated GPS and Google Earth KMZ data for 2016
02/28/16 — Updated OR Sec E map pages 11 & 12 to include TR1977B
01/25/16 — Updated overview maps to add mail icon for Agua Dulce and corrected typo in CA/OR border mileage.
01/18/16 — Updated Halfmile Trail Notes for Northern CA and Halfmile Resupply Notes with information about The Old Station fillup and WACS1416.
01/11/16 — Updated CA Sec N, page 14. Added information about the Old Station Fill-Up gas station and mini-mart.
01/11/16 — Updated CA Sec N, page 20. WACS1416 again with more information about camping in Burney Falls State Park.
01/07/16 — Updated Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail Notes for 2016.
01/05/16 — Updated CA Sec N, page 20. WACS1416 is Burney Falls State Park Headwaters Group Campground, reservation from State Park required.
01/02/16 — Updated CA Sec I – WA Sec L maps for 2016. See list of changes here.
12/22/15 — Updated CA Sec A – CA Sec H maps for 2016. See list of changes here.

5/3/15 — Corrected CA Sec E, page 10. The Iberdrola Wind Farm office is east of
the PCT (not west).
4/18/15 — Added an unofficial Powerhouse Fire detour map.
3/6/14 — Added an Unofficial Mountain Fire alternate map.
3/19/15 — Updated overview maps with 2015 mileages.
3/19/15 — Updated several Post Office hours in Trail Notes.
3/15/15 — Smartphone apps updated for 2015, see iTunes Store or Google Play store.
3/11/15 — Updated Trail Notes to fix an issue where some off trail waypoints were missing.
3/11/15 — Updated CA Sec B page 11, CA Sec C page 1, and Trail Notes with new directions to Ziggy and the Bear.
3/10/15 — Updated Trail Notes, added Resupply Notes listing 76 locations along the Pacific Crest trail to purchase or mail supplies.
3/8/15 — Updated all GPS data to remove an extra directory in the .zip files for Windows users.
3/6/15 — Updated all GPS data for 2015.
3/5/15 — CA Sections I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R; OR Sections B, B, D, E, F, G; Washington Sections H, I, J, K, L maps, elevation profiles updated for 2015.
3/5/15 — CA Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H maps updated with improved elevation profile pages, updated elevation gain/loss estimates (on 1st page of each section).
3/5/15 — Draft version maps replaced with final map version.
2/15/2015 — Uploaded 2015 draft version maps (without elevation profiles) for CA Sections I, J, K, L and M.
2/12/2015 — CA Section A map – updated Campo PO, Mt Laguna Lodge, Mt Laguna PO, hours; Julian PO phone #.
2/11/2015 — Added 2015 Preview Edition Google Earth KLZ file
2/11/2015 — Added 2015 CA maps for PCT sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H

3/21/2014 — Added a Corrections & Updates page
3/21/2014 — Added Detour map page
2/9/2014 — Added links to the Cell Phone and Wi-Fi reports
2/7/2014 — Updated Google Earth file to include icon symbols for most waypoints
2/3/2014 — Added Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail Notes
1/25/2014 — Added several FAQ entries
1/25/2014 — Replaced GPS data and Google Earth file to fix typos in the description fields
1/23/2014 — 2014 change list published
1/21/2014 — Mobile optimized .PDF files uploaded. Smaller size due to increased compression.
1/21/2014 — PCT Maps updated for 2014
1/19/2014 — GPS data updated for 2014