2018 Pacific Crest Trail Map Updates

Pacific Crest Trail Maps, updated for 2018.

Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail maps have been updated for the 2018 hiking season.

The biggest changes for 2018 are in California Section M (in Northern California), where after several years of work, approximately 4.4 miles of old trail was replaced with 6.9 miles of new trail. This reroute increased the length of the PCT by 2.5 miles. The new route and mileages are shown on the new 2018 maps. Because of this, the Pacific Crest Trail is now 2.5 miles longer and the mileages north of PCT mile 1203 have increased by 2.5 miles. Mileage south of mile 1203 remain unchanged.

Elevation profile pages have been improved for 2018 by squeezing more waypoints on the elevation charts.

Halfmile’s Trail Notes have been updated for 2018 with the new mileage and now are available online.

2018 Halfmile GPS and Google Earth files will be available in the next few days.

The free Halfmile smartphone app will hopefully be updated in about a month. The app should auto update on your phone when a new version is available.

Check the Halfmile What’s New Page and the Corrections and Updates Page for the latest information and corrections.